Saeed Hassanzadeh started performing on stage in 1375.
He has worked with a number of foreign singers and a number of domestic pop singers, including:

Such as Amir Tajik, Hossein Zaman, Parviz Taheri, Mehrdad Kazemi, Amir Karimi, Qasim Afshar, Cengiz Habibian, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Abbas Bahadri, Farzad Farzin, Rozbeh Nemat Elahi, etc. and now in Group Seven (Group Seven) The title of bass guitar player is working together. Also, Saeed Hassanzadeh is the author of two books with the titles (Basics of Bass) and (Tapping Bass) and is currently writing two more books for guitar and bass guitar.

About Saeed Hasanzadeh

Saeed Hassanzadeh was born in Tehran in 1351. He started learning the guitar from the great guitar master Rafik Dawoodian in 1366 and started teaching it in 1370. Also, Saeed Hassanzadeh learned to play the piano in 1372 with his artistic passion and started playing the bass guitar in 1375.
He has a guitar teaching qualification card from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance and an electric guitar coaching certificate from the technical and professional organization of the country.
Saeed Hassanzadeh has a teaching experience in more than 35 music schools. including the following schools:

Sarang Karaj School
Teheran and Karaj art gallery
Mellat School of Tehran
Avay Baran School of Tehran
Elham Tehran School
Artiman Karaj School

Saeed Hassanzadeh is currently teaching in Sarang, Hazar Ava, and Barbad schools.