Slide Teacher of guitar and bass guitar Saeed Hasanzadeh Teaching experience in more than 35 music schools Educations

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• Has a guitar teaching qualification card from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance

• He has a certificate of electric guitar coaching from the technical and professional organization of the country

About Saeed Hassanzadeh

Several years of Experience

In playing guitar and bass guitar

Since 1987

Saeed Hasanzadeh was born in Tehran in 1972. In 1987 he started to study electric/acoustic guitar. His career as a music instructor began in 1991and he started to teach music. Saeed Hasanzadeh has been on stage since 1996 and played with many great pop singers. He is now the bass player of Seven Band.

Mastery of music theory

Complete mastery of teaching music theory

Create a challenge

Use targeted exercises

Use the best resources

Teaching based on appropriate educational resources

Teaching in plain language

Teaching guitar in the smoothest way possible